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Damany Gordon

Damany Gordon is an active member, supporter and advocate for the Hip-Hop community. Currently, Damany works as a Diversity & Equity Specialist for the Amherst Public School District. As a young adult he gained lots of experience working with the youth in the Amherst educational system. Damany has held the positions of a paraprofessional, an after-school program supervisor and a youth basketball coach. At the After School Program Damany helped start a Hip-Hop club that exposed kids to the foundations and culture of Hip-Hop. The popularity and impact of the Hip-Hop club helped spawn his interest in creating a platform to showcase, educate and entertain the authentic and positive elements of the culture. He obtained his bacherlor's degree for Human Services administration from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2013.  Damany's ability to organize, structure and facilitate has made him a premier consultant and producer of various events that revolve around the culture of Hip-Hop.  Damany's community involvement and passion about Hip-Hop and Black Music Culture has brought him success within the industry of Hip-Hop and entertainment

Theresa Cooper-Gordon
Vice President

Ms. Cooper-Gordon has over two decades of professional experience in human services and education and is a skilled community organizer and social activist.  Ms. Cooper-Gordon serves on the Board for Enlace de las Familias as well as innumerable other boards.

Roberta Griffin

Being apart of Genuine Culture, LLC is Rhythm to my soul.  Growing up listening to Issac Hayes, Anita Baker, Duran Duran, Beastie Boys and Tupac, I was always invested in Music, the sound track to life.  As the Hostess of Genuine Culture, I greet you with smiles of fun and love!

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